Technology Law

We have experience in drafting, negotiating and advising on agreements

Our Technology Lawyers have experience in drafting, negotiating and advising on Technology and Software Development agreements. Given our firm’s diverse client base and cross Practice approach, we are well-placed to advise you on the legal issues facing IT, Software Development, Technology and online businesses.

Our Technology Law Practice

Our well respected and professional team of technology lawyers and legal practitioners has extensive IT company operational experience and/or IT qualifications. This means that we talk your language, so you’ll spend less time explaining the technical aspects of what you do and more time focussing on how to achieve it legally.

Our legal services in this area include:

  • Drafting
  • Negotiating
  • Settling
  • Litigating
  • Software development agreements
  • Software license agreements
  • Software installation, supply, and support agreements
  • Systems integration agreements
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Service agreements
  • Managed services agreements
  • Software distribution agreements
  • Software support agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • System integration agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Click through performance agreements
  • Traffic sharing agreements
  • SPAM Reporting

Related Technology Law Services

Business names

  • Corporate structuring, capital raising and commercialisation advice.

Domain names

  • Registration and assignment of ‘’ and ‘.com’ domain names
  • Managing domain name disputes in cases of cybersquatting

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