We provide legal and financial assistance

Insolvency is one of the key areas of our practice. Our insolvency lawyers have experience in all aspects of personal and corporate insolvency.

We have a close working relationship with a number of insolvency firms throughout Australia. This means we are able to provide our clients with a ‘complete package’ of both legal and financial assistance.

We understand that personal or corporate financial issues are complex – therefore we make sure that we explore all possible options and ensure the best outcomes for our clients. When debt is closing in, the chance to consider multiple possible resolutions can provide peace of mind and a renewed opportunity for financial stability.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas have extensive experience across a broad range of industries. We handle insolvency cases, from personal to major corporations. Our insolvency team are experienced in supporting businesses through difficult legal and financial times.

We take every step possible to avoid the cessation of business, the termination of major contracts, and encourage the continuation of employment. Many of our clients are a victim of circumstance, a key employee has fallen seriously ill, the business has expanded at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate, or a major debtor has failed to pay an account. We understand that even small occurrences can have major implications for a business. Our team of specialist insolvency lawyers work fast to regain stability.

Our priority is to minimise risk and maximise returns on behalf of our clients. While we always look for a recovery solution first, we also act quickly to create and implement strategies to mitigate losses to all stakeholders.

When our clients are facing financial distress, Rostron Carlyle Rojas ’s insolvency lawyers explore all possible options for creditors, lenders, shareholders, business owners, and employees to determine the most appropriate course of action. We recognise the difficulties that come with financial strain and work constructively to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our experienced team of insolvency lawyers and professionals are located in Brisbane, and work with our clients first hand to support them in both domestic and international claims. Our insolvency lawyers have a wealth of experience in managing multiple stakeholders, frequently with contrasting views and objectives. We break through these difficulties to deliver effective strategies and results.

We provide both informal services including advice, reviews, and account investigations, as well as formal consultations and services.

Our insolvency lawyers can assist you with:

  • Administrations and Deeds of Company Arrangement
  • Liquidations
  • Receiverships
  • ASIC Investigations
  • Recovery of debts via corporate insolvency and bankruptcy mechanisms
  • Reconstruction and personal insolvency arrangements
  • Bankruptcies

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When it comes to matters of insolvency, it’s important to act early. An individual or company facing financial issues must be proactive when seeking guidance. At Rostron Carlyle Rojas, we offer experienced and valuable advice to clients facing insolvency. This helps to minimise personal exposure, and to address and manage the situation timely and appropriately.

Rest assured that our experienced team will find the best possible way forward. We work to mitigate the negative effects of insolvency, while maximising potential returns. Our supportive team strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We take the time to understand every stakeholder’s perspective, and work through the insolvency process professionally and considerately.

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