Commercial & Domestic Building Contract Advice

When it comes to Commercial and Domestic Building Contracts, what you don’t know can hurt you. We’re here to arm you with all the information and assistance you need when it comes to drafting and/or reviewing domestic and commercial building contracts.

We have in depth knowledge of the Domestic and Commercial Building Contract Acts and regulations for all Australian states, and as such we can provide you with the best and most current advice on your contractual rights and obligations.

Our lawyers are experienced with drafting domestic and commercial building contracts that are compliant with all relevant state authorities. Are you a homeowner? We can assist you to review your domestic building contracts. Are you a builder? We can assist you to prepare or review contract related documents like quotes, preliminary agreements, variations, extension of time notices and subcontracts.

We also assist clients to administer contracts, avoid contractual disputes and ensure compliance with statutory and contractual obligations.

For more information about our Commercial and Domestic Building Contract advice, contact us.