Commercial & Retail Lease Disputes

Commercial and retail lease disputes arise from a disagreement between a tenant and a landlord about a commercial property lease.

Retail tenancy claim

A retail tenancy claim can arise from a number of disputes including (but not limited to) the payment of money, claims for repairs, amendments to a lease or the appointment of a specialist retail valuer.

Unconscionable conduct claim

An unconscionable conduct claim occurs when you believe that the other party has caused you financial loss during a retail lease transaction by using unethical conduct such as unfair tactics, unreasonably failing to tell you things, acting in bad faith or relying on unfair bargaining power.


Commercial and retail lease disputes are resolved through a two-step process which involves:

  • Mediation (a way of settling a dispute without legal action)
  • And if this doesn’t work, a hearing by QCAT

To assist with your matter, you can also request a ‘search of registrar of proceedings’ (a list of cases before QCAT) for retail shop lease matters. To request this search, you first need to provide a request (in writing) that includes the name of at least one party. You can submit this request via:

  • Email:
  • Post: QCAT, GPO Box 1639, Brisbane, QLD 4001
  • Fax: 07 3221 9156
  • Or in person: QCAT, Level 9, BOQ Centre, 259 Queen Street, Brisbane

For more information about retail and commercial lease disputes, contact us or see this QCAT page.

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