Capital Raising

We provide innovative capital raising solutions

We know that raising capital requires the careful assessment of many factors. Just some of these factors include:

  • Amount to be raised
  • Proposed use of raised funds
  • Desired method for raising the capital
  • Willingness of the founder to share ownership
  • Exit strategy of the business owner
  • Time frame for raising the capital

We have experience with a wide range of capital raising options. Just some of the options available to businesses include:

Equities and shares

  • Assisting publically listed companies
  • Initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Secondary raisings
  • Placements
  • Rights Issues
  • Issues without disclosure (low doc issues)
  • Advice on raising capital without a prospectus


  • Banks and other non-bank lenders
  • Convertible note arrangements
  • Bond and warrant issues
  • Rights issues

Private equity

  • Individuals
  • Venture capital / private equity funds

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Capital Raising services.