Administrative Reviews in QCAT

What is QCAT?

QCAT plays a major role in improving the liability, openness, quality and consistency of decisions made in the public sector, by reviewing administrative decisions made by government decision makers.

Who are Government decision makers? They include the Chief Executive, Commissioner, Superintendent, registrar, officer, regulator, authority or inspector of Queensland Government departments, local governments and regulatory authorities.

What administrative decisions does QCAT review?

QCAT reviews a wide range of administrative decisions – just some of these may include:

  • Blue card applications
  • Civil partnerships
  • Occupational regulation
  • Building disputes
  • Debt disputes
  • Animal care and regulation
  • Right to information requests

To see more, visit the QCAT Matter Types page.

How does QCAT review decisions?

QCAT has the power to confirm, vary or substitute administrative decisions. QCAT can also return the decision to the original decision maker with instructions to follow and/or make recommendations to improve their policies, practices and procedures.

For more information about administrative reviews in QCAT, contact us or see the QCAT website.