Conveyancing solicitors

Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ Conveyancing Practice has over 30 years experience in legal offices and assisting people in purchasing residential and commercial property. The Conveyancing Practice offers a complete range of residential conveyancing services for clients purchasing properties in Queensland.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas understands that for many of our clients the purchase or sale of their home is the most important transaction that they will undertake. That is why our experienced Conveyancing Practice will give you the confidence you need to purchase or sell your property with the least amount of hassle.

What is required to complete the Conveyancing process?

Our firm understands that the majority of people do not have experience with the conveyancing process.

Below we set out a number of the fundamental services offered by Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers and the steps you should undertake during the Conveyancing process.

Our initial correspondence with you will re-iterate this process. We strongly recommend that you contact us prior to entering into a contract to ensure that the contract properly reflects your agreement and is compliant with the laws governing residential contracts in Queensland.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ approach to conveyancing

The following table shows an indicative process that the respective parties go through at the various stages of the conveyancing process:

Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ tasks Client Tasks
Receipt of contract
Order title search.
Write to the client setting out relevant dates, forward any stamp duty declaration forms and other relevant forms to enable us to prepare the transfer documentation.
Notify the seller’s Solicitor that Rostron Carlyle Rojas are acting for the client.
Notify the agent that our office have received the contract.
Take out building and public liability insurance or if the property is a unit, contents and public liability insurance;
Arrange building and pest inspections.
Obtain finance approval prior to the due date or notify Rostron Carlyle Rojas of the need to negotiate an extension;
Complete the forms provided by Rostron Carlyle Rojas and return them to our office so that our team can properly prepare your transaction.
Advise Rostron Carlyle Rojas if any other property that the client owns is being refinanced.
Provide Rostron Carlyle Rojas with details of financing.
Contract goes unconditional
Notify seller’s Solicitor that your building and pest inspections are satisfactory and/or that the Client has obtained finance approval.
Notify Agent.
Rostron Carlyle Rojas then telephone the client to discuss searches and order searches and forward transfer documents for execution by seller.
Arrange mortgage documents to be signed and returned as directed by your financier.
Lead up to settlement
Liaise with financier to ensure they are prepared for settlement.
Prepare settlement figures.
Check to ensure that the client has completed and returned the stamp duty declaration forms so that the client may received any reduction in stamp duty
Book settlement with your financier and seller’s Solicitor.
Advise financier of cheque details for settlement
Send a copy of the settlement statement to the client which sets out the total amount required for settlement. Ensure that either the bank or Rostron Carlyle Rojas has received the balance of settlement
monies to be paid to seller, stamp duty and our fees by way of electronic transfer if held by Rostron Carlyle Rojas or in an account with the bank if the client’s bank allows this.
Just prior to settlement
Stamp transfer document.
Check title search to ensure no further encumbrances
Attend settlement.
Send final letters to confirm details of settlement.
Contact the client and agent to confirm.
Receive final letter and Tax Invoice from Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers after settlement.
Post settlement
If the client does not have a financier in the transaction, lodge the transfer at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
Advise the client upon registration of the transfer.

Note that Rostron Carlyle Rojas adheres to the Queensland Conveyancing Protocol and that this process, whilst strictly defined may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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